Same Piano as that Owned by Johannes Brahms 

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Classic Viennese style with a fine walnut case, tapered legs, inlaid brass on the fallboard, large solid brass castors, an ornate music desk and excellent ivory keytops.  This piano is receiving a careful museum quality restoration.  

Streicher has a long history in piano building, dating back to Mozart's time.  They were good friends to Beethoven and built pianos for him.  Most of Beethoven's compositions were were created on pianos built by Nannette Streicher. Streicher was generally considered among the most prestigious piano makers in Austria, building only 150 per year at a time when other makers were producing 2,000 - 3,000.  Streicher believed in doing all the work by hand, even though machines and mass production were becoming the norm in the later 19th century.  Few are found today, especially  the full size concert (chamber hall) pianos like this one. 

Many believe that this is the ultimate piano for appreciating the wonderful music of Brahms who composed on this type of piano.  The music appears, clean & crisp, a clarity that cannot be achieved with an overstrung American piano that blends the colors together and often produces a "muddy" tone when performing the music of Brahms.  The straight-strung, large European grands possessed specific tonal colors in the individual registers of the piano--coupled with the front-to-back orientation of the soundboard grain, these pianos can produce an interesting and colorful tone. 









An excellent recording of Brahms on a Streicher is performed by Ira Braus on an 1871 Streicher grand.  The CD can be previewed or purchased at the link below:







Price Furnished upon request; Serious inquiries please.