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We are pleased to offer two outstanding Steinway Model D Concert Grand Pianos. Either of these pianos would serve a serious amateur or professional musician. Both are priced less than half of a new Steinway D.



1918 Steinway Concert Grand Piano

A vintage Steinway from the best era, professionally rebuilt, $48,500

Recent Restoration Work Includes

Cabinet refinished in a satin ebony;

The nickel and brasswork are flawless including new casters;

Pedal lyre disassembled and reconditioned;

A brand new Steinway action was installed;

All action felts replaced;

The keytops are new and perfect for professional playing;

This piano had a new soundboard & tuning pinblock installed by a Steinway rebuilder;

The piano was voiced to provide the warm tone of vintage Steinways;

The action (playing mechanism) will be regulated and the piano tuned to concert pitch.







1985 Steinway Concert Grand Piano

A beautifully maintained Steinway Concert Grand ready for the stage or studio. $48,500


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