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Older Style (pre-1880) Steinways are very rare today--the 1880s and 1890s Steinways are much more common.  This is not an old, unrestored, Steinway being marketed as an "original antique". We spare no time or expense on such a piano, rebuilding the entire instrument so that it will perform and look as it did 130 years ago.  We will install a new soundboard, a new pinblock, new strings from Steinway's string maker and all Genuine New York Steinway parts in the action. We also rebush all the keys to provide a smooth, yet firm feel, this is often skipped by some rebuilders because of the time involved.  

The ivory keytops will be in excellent condition and the rosewood case will be refinished in a closed grain finish, providing that desirable French polish appearance. The customer has the choice concerning how much sheen they want on the piano. All the original hardware (hinges, pedals, etc.) have been replated in nickel as they originally were. We take particular care when restoring a piano to ensure the proper parts match the original ones used. 

Click below to listen to this Steinway

Schumann-Liszt: Widmung played on the 1873 Steinway   Moonlight Sonata played on the 1873 Steinway

 Photos below are of an 1873 Steinway we recently sold.  





When complete, this piano will look like the one above.